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Silly Goose 7″ out today! Release show this Thursday at Chop Suey

Silly Goose 7″ in its natural habitat

The day has arrived for Silly Goose to take over the unexpecting pop-punk masses with their debut 3-song 7″, out now on vinyl + digital. Featuring three of the best Blink-182 covers around (or at least, the ones the band knew the best to record), it’s nearly 10 minutes of everything you could possibly want from a Blink-182 cover band fronted by Jenn Ghetto. All pleasure. No pain.

Further! This Thursday at Chop Suey is the band’s official release show, with Spaceneedles and Kim Warnick’s new band, Cali Giraffes. Only $5 at the door. $5! Everyone wins.


And if you haven’t yet seen it, here’s a clip of Silly Goose performing “Dammit” last year at the Capitol Hill Block Party. Why not.

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