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Announcing Swollen, the debut LP from Stickers


Seattle noisemakers Stickers have signed with End of Time to release their first full-length offering, Swollen. Today, eMusic’s Wondering Sound has premiered the first single, “Outlet”, with its poetic visuals and a pummeling, relentless backing track. Listen to it here.

The four-piece of Stickers specialize in dissonant, scathing no wave that churns and heaves and opens wide; an amalgam of cathartic darkness, saxophone skronk, and scintillating guitar lines that place a spotlight on Gabi Page-Fort’s oscillating, force of nature vocals. Recorded in spurts throughout 2013 at Crybaby Studios in Seattle, Swollen is the group’s debut full-length release. Within these thirteen tracks, Stickers have pieced together their own Rubik’s cube of personal and pop culture experience and transformed it into an aural fever dream that is as dark as it is captivating.

Swollen will be released via vinyl/digital on August 12, 2014. Vinyl will be limited to 500 copies, with 250 pressed to opaque pink wax. A preorder is available here.

Listen to “Outlet”:

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