Silly Goose

Silly Goose
Photos by Samantha Cohen: one, two

The idea of Silly Goose was hatched back in 2011, when Jenn Ghetto (S, Carissa’s Wierd) returned from a tour with Grand Archives. Feeling worn down by the pressure of writing new material for S, an idea hit: why not focus on an intentionally ridiculous side project instead? Having recruited two of her former tour mates — specifically, Thomas Wright and Jeff Montano — the aim of the new band was made clear. So simple, yet so brilliant: Blink-182 covers. The proverbial egg cracked, and Silly Goose was born.

All things being equal, Seattle is not San Diego, and 2013 is certainly not 1992. But something clicked, and this unassuming cover band continued to make occasional appearances around town. People actually seemed to… like it. Really like it. After a few whispered-about local shows, the band made its first official appearance as Silly Goose at the Capitol Hill Block Party in 2012, where they did nothing more than induce impassioned sing-a-longs and capture hearts in the sweaty basement of the Cha Cha Lounge. For weeks after, Ghetto would suddenly find herself being approached by strangers in the supermarket — not to fan out over the seminal sadcore group Carissa’s Wierd, but to ask in an awed tone, “Don’t you sing in that Blink-182 cover band?”

The equation goes like so: Wright is Travis Barker. Montano is Mark Hoppus. Ghetto is Tom DeLonge. Everyone sings, but Ghetto sings lead. What does it mean when a group of three Seattle musicians decides to unironically put their mark on a specific pop-punk band? What happens when the original pomposity of these grandiose singles is recontextualized? What if, instead of trying to “make it big,” they did it just for fun? This is both the pleasure and the premise of Silly Goose.

When asked why they chose these three songs in particular, the answer was let out that these were the ones they knew the best. With that, they offer to the world the Silly Goose EP, featuring three nu-classics from the SoCal hitmakers. They were great before, and here they are, great again.


Releases: Silly Goose 7″


“The attitudes and disaffections left over from the ’90s resound with revolutionary intents that turn full circle and become more fully realized now by Blink’s contemporaries than they ever did originally.” — Impose

“At least 15% of The Stranger music staff is really looking forward to this.” — The Stranger

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