Web of Sunsets

Photos by Graham Tolbert: one, two, three // Photo by Sarah Rose: one

The term “golden hour” is used to invoke a specific time or event. Technically speaking, it is the first and last hour of sunlight on any given day. Definition aside, it is the time of day when everything effectively slows, when the light becomes perfect, when time fades and everything is imbued with a languid sense of ease. This is the hour Web of Sunsets inhabits.

Web of Sunsets began in 2012 in Minneapolis, when three friends and seasoned band members – Sara Bischoff (Heavy Deeds), Sarah Nienaber (Gospel Gossip, Is/Is), and Chris Rose (Robust Worlds) – decided to band together and give focus to their so-called acid country leanings. All three play guitar and sing, trading lead vocals every couple songs, and occasionally a casio keyboard or midi synth pops into the mix. Absent is a rhythm section, and absent is a stereotypical lead singer. Instead, clean guitar tones weave in and throughout each other in a continuous braid, linking up with each distinct vocalist, all of it shining through in layers. Using a combination of tranquility, restraint, and a healthy dollop of reverb, they craft a perfect haze – just enough twang, just enough harmony.

Room of Monsters was tracked live, vocals and all, in a single day at Old Blackberry Way. Though it was a quick session, it wasn’t without intention – everything contained within the album is delicate and deliberate; every note rings out in an extended refrain. The premise is simple: certain songs simply require more space. Within that space are passages of darkness and regret, and an overall sense of yearning that permeates each track.

Room of Monsters is the debut LP from Web of Sunsets. It is golden, and it is true. Pull up a chair and stay awhile.

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Releases: “Fool’s Melodies” 7″ | Room of Monsters LP | Gin Tapes EP | Steel New Days EP


“[Bischoff] affects a sort of breathy, Hope Sandoval-esqe charm that is both melancholy as well as inviting.”

“Minneapolis trio Web of Sunsets are just getting started, but their twangy, wistful debut single hints at good things to come.” — Pitchfork

“The way that ‘Fool’s Melodies’ pairs lush acoustic elements with big wobbly guitars is pretty awesome.”
Time Out London

“Web of Sunsets move as if their respective bands were a truck driving convoy rolling along the lonely and desolate interstates across statelines.” — Impose

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