End of Time closed its proverbial doors in the spring of 2018. Heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters over the years, and to the bands that made it possible in the first place.

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End of Time is an independent, micro-sized, single-human record label based in Seattle. Running ourselves into the ground since 2012. Catering to the freaks since 2013.

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End of Time [was] proudly distributed by CTD Ltd. in the US.

Our releases can also be found via these fine folks, in Seattle and beyond:

Sonic Boom
Everyday Music (Seattle)
Silver Platters
Luckyhorse Industries
K Records
Wall of Sound
Florida’s Dying
Jet Set

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Thanks to the likes of Kranky, Soft Abuse, Constellation, Mississippi, Graveface, Guilt Ridden Pop, Hometapes, and many others for being there first and sticking with it.