EOT-003 Silly Goose – Silly Goose 7″

Silly Goose 7"

EOT-003 | Silly Goose – Silly Goose 7″ | August 27, 2013

01. Anthem Part Two
02. Talking
03. All the Small Things
04. Dammit

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Silly Goose is a Blink-182 cover band, fronted by Jenn Ghetto (S, Carissa’s Wierd), and joined by members of Grand Archives. Here, they whisk you all the way back to 1992 with their take on three songs from the seminal SoCal band. It is the best. Perhaps the very best. Limited pressing of 500 on black vinyl. All 7″s include a download code.

Recorded by Ben Kersten in Seattle. Mastered by Patrick Haight. Artwork by Jenn Ghetto.

2 thoughts on “EOT-003 Silly Goose – Silly Goose 7″

  1. Hey I’d love to buy this but I don’t have a record player so the vinyl is pretty much useless to me and I’ve tried buying it through iTunes but it isn’t available through the New Zealand iTunes store so it won’t let me. I was just wondering, is there any chance it will be available to buy through the New Zealand iTunes store any time in the near future?

    • Hey Greg! Many apologies but this release isn’t available outside of the US currently due to license restrictions. If enough copies are sold it will be made available internationally, but, not quite there yet.

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