EOT-005 – Stickers – Swollen LP


EOT-005 | Stickers – Swollen LP | August 12, 2014

Stickers — “Outlet”

Stickers — “Sacajawea”

01. Swollen Future
02. Jump Rope
03. Outlet
04. BJ
05. Psych Jam
06. Elephant
07. Sacajawea
08. Idea Curious
09. (Swoon)
10. Fachina
11. Space Race
12. The Seed
13. Sleeper

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Swollen is the debut LP from Seattle four-piece Stickers. Hyper-sexual, dissonant post-wave with saxophone skronk, scintillating guitar lines, and vocals that are a force of nature. Recorded at Crybaby Studios and mastered by Jack Shirley. First LP pressing of 500 with half on opaque pink, half on black vinyl. LP includes a download code. Art by Troy Ayala.